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Working at Motive has been such a great experience on so many levels, especially the fact my commute is only 5 minutes now, and not an hour into the city! Jack and Perry have created such an awesome space and community here - my productivity is significantly enhanced, and the richness and variety of connection with others has brought some great collaboration opportunities also. In the new normal of post-covid working environments, the value of two specific elements i believe can't be understated - relatedness; and having a clear delineation between work and home. Motive ticks both these boxes exceptionally!

Sam Macqueen

Without doubt the Best Coworking Space of the world! I've tried out many and none of them come even close to Motive. You want focus, you got it, you wanna socialize, you got it. With all the plants, games, whiteboards, riddles, and simultaneously all the professional equipement you need, the rooms here just breathe cosy, fun, inspiration., ... It's the kind of space that reconnects you with your passion to create something in this world. The team is always here to help you out, offers flexible arrangements, and make you BBQ on Fridays! * and you can try it out for free, so come and see for yourself ;-)

Rosien Colin

What an amazing facility!

Bart Ratliff

We are a local business who were looking for an offsite space to hold a business planning day. The boardroom at Motive was perfect. Jack and the guys running it were professionally relaxed I would describe. Exactly what we were after. Would recommend to anyone looking for a chilled space to work with a good vibe.

Michael Donnelly

Very open area with really good vibes and atmosphere. Perry and Jack are super helpful and always there to lend a hand and make your work flow as easy as possible. Facilities are tops and the extra activities encourages you to want to come in and not just work but have some fun while at it.

Jake Parker

Tucked in the back of Warriewood, Motive Coworking is one of the Northern Beaches best kept secrets for business owners and entrepreneurs! The team are hugely accomodating and very welcoming. Plus the space itself is awesome and very versatile - great for collaborative sessions or private work stations. Highly recommend checking it out!

Georgia Witton

Tucked in the back of Warriewood, Motive Coworking is one of the Northern Beaches best kept secrets for business owners and entrepreneurs! The team are hugely accomodating and very welcoming. Plus the space itself is awesome and very versatile - great for collaborative sessions or private work stations. Highly recommend checking it out!

Georgia Witton

This space is amazing. The guys are so accommodating. I have had multiple events upstairs and each one my guests loved it. The guys go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need. If your looking for an event space or an ongoing work space this is the best place. Also really friendly place from the staff and the other clients. Just pop your head in and say hi...you will love it!

Fairy La La Land

This place is so inspiring! I don't know why I didn't come earlier, you will not be sorry! The boys are so helpful and friendly, give it a try!

Vicky Murace

The most amazing place for community and working in the Northern Beaches. Awesome people managing it - Perry & Jack. We've also held an amazing event demoing new inventions there. It's the perfect place to Work Hard then Play Hard at the beautiful beaches. It's the perfect spot for that - only 8 minutes away from immaculate places.

Omar Najjar

So helpful. They have got every piece of hardware to make work a breeze. Fun and friendly. Love it when Jack gets me coffee and shares his wisdom.\nPerry lets me win at table tennis and helps in so many ways.

Pharrell Schmidt

Since working at Motive on the Northern Beaches. I'm getting so much more done, there is a space here for whatever I need! Whether I need privacy or a buzzing atmosphere, Motive has just that. Glad I found a space and a community like this on the Northern Beaches!

Hayley Farrell

Shortly after my baby was born, I arranged a permanent workspace at Motive, so I could still have meetings without a baby in the background. Although that was the prime reason for joining, it turned out to be only a small benefit of the space, with the real benefit coming from the collaborative aspects of the community which really got my business brain ticking and helped me to formulate several great business strategies which have assisted me in streamlining my processes resulting in a much more solid business. Very happy to be part of the Motive family :) I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Motive as a home for your business - you will derive benefits from the community.

Adzy Chester

Motive provides a very friendly and social space for people that are not enjoying the challenges and loneliness of working from home. It has 2 private offices for meetings and group thinking, and a number of dedicated parking spots for those that find that critical (me)! But they also have set events each week for those that like to take a break from the screens and play ping pong, or Friday BBQs. Lately I have been invited to join a group that was planning to get in a quick few holes of golf or aswim at the beach over lunch breaks. High positive energy. Worth a free trial if you are getting restless in your home office!!

Sheilah Hogan

Motive is a great space to work from with great atmosphere, flexible terms and rates and has a great sense of community.

Michael Grey

Motive CoWorking is such a peaceful space to work in with the best OH&S set up. Their modern industrial design was perfect for my Workshop event with ample room for all who attended (especially through COVID). Perry + Jack went above and beyond for the Event set up even coming in at 6am to make sure it ran perfectly for me. Thanks guys! I'll definitely be using your professional rooms for Client meetings in future.

Hello Wealth

Love working here.

Alex Sanders

Jack, Josh & Perry are awesome. Seriously. @motivecoworking is tucked away (in a good way) from external noise, complete with easy parking, easy to find location, accessibility to retail services for those daytime needs, and offers flexible height desks, monitors, free wifi, amenities, chillout room, presentation and boardroom spaces, 24/7 access, showers and the bees knee's are their Friday BBQ lunches where they bring everyone together to network, relax and enjoy being together. The ambience they have created is second to none ! I highly recommend them. They work beautifully for my business focus.

Matthew Wood

Jack and Perry are two energetic fellas who operate Motive. Informal and personal touch to the way they serve. I rented the space to host an online video conference because my home internet is not reliable. It was a success. Perry and Jack made me feel welcomed. Being a Friday, they put on free lunch. Thanks, fellas.

Anthony Coundouris

I've tried all the local co-working spaces and this one's for me. Members collaborate - we help each other and there are tons of free bbq's, ping pong comps and we get free guest speakers and workshops! So many ideas I've actioned within my own business have been from brainstorming conversations I've had at Motive!! A very talented group of entrepreneurs.

Julia Turner

I've had a great experience every time I've worked at Motive. The space has everything I need to be productive and comfortable. Also love the flexibility it provides.

Simon Birdsall

I wish I knew there was a coworking space like this on the northern beaches sooner. Love working here! The team here is really helpful and have created a great sense of community.

Milan Wynyard

I was so excited to find this beautiful, inspired, Co-working space, my partner and I run our own companies and generally work from home which can be quite challenging as I personally get distracted by homely duties and our puppy willow. The team at Motive, Jack & Perry are amazing, so friendly, attentive, welcoming, accommodating & ready to help with whatever you need to have a successful day. The team at Motive also run a Friday family lunch which I love as it gives everyone a chance to mingle & get to know one another. Working from home can at times become lonely so although everyone at Motive is generally busy working on what they need to, having such a supportive, relaxed, team environment where you might have a chat while getting a tea is the kind of atmosphere I work best in. In saying that there is also an area upstairs which I believe generally works best for the quiet worker who prefers less working buzz so there’s really something for everyone! There is a 2 day free pass to check it out if you’re interested, that’s what my partner and I did and ended up being perfect for us so they’ll struggle to get rid of us now haha. I would highly recommend this space! Mon.

Monique Wardley

I love to use the Motive Coworking space to meet new and current clients. I work from home and neither home nor a coffee shop is appropriate. Motive, however, suits me perfectly and fits my budget. The team at Motive always make me feel very welcome.

Kay Godfrey

I love being a part of the Motive community! Everyone is amazing and Perry and Jack who run the space just make everything so seamless.. anything you need they make it happen! Can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Kat Haigh

I have been using this location for the past month. The community this place has created is the perfect balance between entrepreneurs sharing creative ideas to help grow each others enterprise and the quiet solitude needed to just put your head down and churn through a days worth of work. I am so delighted to have been welcomed into this amazing and rapidly growing community. I will be continuing to use this space.

Dannie Lyman

I can't tell you how many events we have now held at Motive Coworking, too many to count. We have always been given the best of everything for each of the events and meetings. Nothing is a problem, any worry we have has was solved promptly. We also enjoy the use of the smaller areas of Motive Coworking and everyone we have told about your offices loves using the areas too. No one can go wrong with the customer service that you guys give. Keep up the great work.

Jo Nipperess

I am 15 years old. I can barely go to school anymore because of the inspiring nature of this coworking space. I have learned so much here, and so grateful. I recommend this space to everybody. Please do not tell Adam that I steal his Coke Zeros pretty much every day

Austin Turpin

Highly recommend Motive Coworking - Northern Beaches, great space, people and very motivating work space.

Francesca Dolly

Great to work in such a productive environment!! So much easier for me than travelling to the city and love socialising with everyone! Keen for the next couple of workshops! Really have enjoyed attending these!

Hannah Leighton

Great space to bunker down and crack on with some business productivity. Great mix of other people and businesses using the space, and the team that manage Motive are good value.

James Hayward

Great set up. So productive when I there. Highly recommend.

Jen Manning

Great facilities, great people. After exploring a few places I found this one to be the best. The kind of place where it's easy to network due to the amount of people. On the productivity side, getting 2 hours of work done in 1 hour is pretty normal due to the environment.

Joes Roofing

Great atmosphere. Getting so much done. Fantastic to be out of the house.

Hi Lam

Awesome space! Jack, Josh and Perry are very friendly, happy, helpful guys. Their coworking space is in a great location (right next to Mona vale rd and cafes only a 5 minute walk away) and their facilities are perfect (phonebooths, sit/stand desks, meeting room). The rooms have an amazing fit out with greenery everywhere you look and plenty of space to work and move around.

Morgan Maaka

Awesome space for collaborative working. Used the meeting room for a study session with students and it was great. We were provided with a whiteboard and monitor to use and there was plenty of quiet space to work. Facilities were fantastic and clean. Would recommend and will use again.

Cameron McDonald

As founder of a start-up company & renter of a rather small unit the space at motive has been a god-send since COVID-19 hit. Both myself and my fiance run small businesses and the space we had at home could no-longer accommodate the both of us without adding unwanted stress. That said, just the feeling of being able to head off to a work space where home life couldn't creep in between each email or break felt great. A day at motive meant I'd been on task from the moment I arrived until the moment I left (or Friday's BBQ lunch or Pizza run had arrived). If you find yourself working more from home or starting a small business and need a professional space to work in that has everything you need (meeting rooms, phone booths, standing desks, kitchen space, helpful staff and an energy to get you motivated) then get in touch with the team.


As a freelancer, working from home isn’t always the ideal environment for inspiration and productivity. With Motive Coworking just around the corner, I feel like I’m part of a dynamic and motivating community when I work from this space. It’s the perfect escape from the kitchen table to a working space full of like minded people and all the essentials! I’m much more productive when I work from Motive, and can focus on my business while feeling good about my work. Thanks guys!

Shari Ward

As a Business Owner, it can get lonely (and distracting) working on your own. Motive Coworking gives the perfect solution to be able to pop in for a few hours, right through to having a dedicated desk and space. It has everything you need from 24/7 access, car-parking, high level wifi, standing desks, a meeting room, breakout room, telephone booths and both Jack and Perry make a mean coffee! Check it out with your free 2-day pass, or just pop in for a tour. Victoria Garlick.

Victoria Garlick Official

Amazing facilities and convenient location. Coworkings best kept secret as the pricing is very competitive

Darcy Norrish

After recently downsizing have found Motive a great place for my team. Good space, open area, really productive. Fantastic balance between work and fun. Love the free BBQ on Fridays. No planning from me and the team loves it. I really like the fact that you get free parking and you are just far away from Mona Vale shops that you are not tempted by all the food and distractions.

Narich Admin

A super friendly & motivating environment. No more working alone from home for me + BBQ on a Friday... how could you say no? Can't wait to come back.

Indy Leigh Griffiths

A number of ideas that I'm implementing at my full-time job and among my own ventures have been hugely - if not fundamentally - informed by conversations I've had with members at Motive. The collective skill and knowledge in the space has become an invaluable resource for me.

Sam Edmonds

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