Home Setups

Stay Productive During COVID-19

Motive Home Productivity Setups are available for rental to provide you with a productive workstation that can keep you and your employees at your best while working from home.

Free Delivery
Weekly Rental
Disinfected & Cleaned

$39 to $79 +gst per week

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What's Included:

Sit & Stand Ergonomic Desk
Ergonomic Office Chair
Large 27 inch Monitor
Keyboard, Mouse, & Connector Cables.


Free delivery and pickup, including thorough cleaning and disinfecting by our team so you can receive the item clean and ready to use.

Using a second monitor has been proven to increase productivity by 20-30%. If you increase productivity even just 10%, our setup should already have paid back itself for you.

An adjustable sit/stand desk allows you to increase movement and reduce sitting throughout the day, keeping you sharp and motivated.

By renting instead of buying, you have the benefit of not owning the asset, and you can ask for free pickup anytime if needed.

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Submit the form below with your details, and we'll get back to you. The free delivery is available for individuals, and also corporate setups for employees working from home. We are able to process thousands of setups, some conditions apply when ordering large workforce orders.

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