Why we are more than just a desk

Motive is different from your average office space.

Here's why:

Couch Goals

Couch Goals is a collaborative session where members can come together to discuss their business problems.
They are encouraged to use the collective shared knowledge to overcome challenges and improve their business.

Each person who joins makes an actionable list to keep themselves accountable for their chosen goals.
These sessions are moderated by one of the team members at Motive.

Friday Free Lunch

Come and chill out, have a beer and meet our community!
We take that Friday feeling seriously, because it really is the best time of the week!

Every week, the team at Motive Coworking runs a free BBQ for everyone at the space.
We’ve got every member covered with a mix of meat and meat-free options! Our Friday BBQs are the perfect opportunity to meet the community and to do some networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Member Showcase

Every week, we run a weekly email blast to our database of over 550+ people to highlight the products or services our members offer.

One member is chosen each week and we showcase interesting facts about themselves, their business and their life outside of work.

See our member showcase here.

Member Network

At Motive Coworking, our mission is to support our members.
We’ve created a marketplace to make it easier for networking and cross collaboration in the community.

The Motive marketplace enables us to provide every member service or product at a discounted rate.
If you’re interested in becoming part of the network, get in touch with us today.

See the member network here.

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