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What is your 30-second intro?

I provide one-on-one careers guidance to help people of all ages and career stages to understand, explore, and make an informed decision on their career options

What or Who inspires you the most?

The one sticking out at the moment is Devin Townsend, an extremely talented and prolific musician from Canada. Devin creates a bunch of different types of music from metal to country, and isn't afraid to just go where his 'muse' takes him. Not only by his ability  to create, I am also inspired by his commitment to fully realise and complete each seemingly random musical adventure. The power of having external deadlines to ensure you complete things is something that I learnt from and share with him (e.g a scheduled release date of a project rather than a self imposed goal deadline)

What was your first role and what is your current role?

My first role was as a receptionist for a Community Services organisation providing support to disadvantaged 15-24-year-olds, largely around their career and study options when they finish high school. It was pure luck that I stumbled into this position, as supporting vulnerable persons is a passion that has continued strongly throughout my entire career. My current role is as Owner and Career Practitioner of Next Steps Careers Counselling

What do you like doing for fun?

Music and technology are other passions of mine, which led to my completing a Bachelor degree in Audio Production, giving me the skills to do all aspects of making music from writing to releasing. I also play guitar, drums, and have recently been honing my skills on piano. I also enjoy skateboarding, going on day adventures with my 3 year old, movies, and Hazy IPA's

Is there anything you'd like to promote? or anything you'd like to offer help with?

If anyone requires careers counselling, guidance or advice then I'm your man. Reach out via my website which is www.nextstepscareers.com.au.

If you could give one piece of advice (personal or business) what would it be?

One thing I've learnt from starting a business is to not overthink something (a project, goal, business, etc.) so much that you don't actually start. Still do the prep work as best you can, then just put it into action, even if it's not yet your vision of 'perfect', and figure out the rest as you go

If you'd like to reach out to Tate directly, shoot him an email at tate@nextstepcareers.com.au

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