Peter Anthony | The Collaboration Guy

Who Is Peter Anthony?

Peter Anthony is a northern beaches father of five, ocean swimmer and author of Collabradabra – the magic if collaborative conversations. My brand is, The Collaboration Guy because I teach companies profitable growth through collaborating with their clients, and I teach individuals how to perform at their best by understanding themselves. Or as they ask in Drive To Survive How do I make my car go faster?” I spend half of my day guesting on podcasts promoting my business, and the other half of the day delivering coaching and workshops as a result. That’s why I hang out in the dark Batcave upstairs at Motive.

What or Who inspires you the most?

Who inspires me most is Elon Musk. He wrote PayPal with his brother, use the proceeds of the sale to launch SpaceX, then concurrently launched Tesla, the Boring Company, Neuralink. Then this year he purchased Twitter. I love the brainpower and motivation to do this and the optimism for believing it can happen.

What was your first role and what is your current role?

My first role when I was 10 years old was delivering the Manly Daily door-to-door in Freshwater. My first real job at 15 was at Coles in Manly where I worked Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.My current role is as a business and personal performance coach.

What do you like doing for fun?

For fun I like jumping into the ocean in Manly and swimming to Shelly beach and back with my mates.

Is there anything you'd like to promote? or anything you'd like to offer help with?

We should talk if you would like profitable sales growth with customers or personal growth and development for yourself.

If you could give one piece of advice (personal or business) what would it be?

Have the courage to understand who you are and become a full expression of that to the world.

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