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Matt Wood | Flick the switch consulting

What's your 30-second elevator speech?
Love 30 second elevator speeches !! Here goes:
I operate as a Business Architect which means I design your business to redesign your life. Basically as an owner you have a goal: revenue, time or scale, so you can spend more time and money with family and those you love including yourself, and you aim to achieve this through the business.
Yet what I hear most often from owners is they need:

  • more work from their team
  • more sales from their customers
  • and more money from the business

… and this is costing them either in time, stress or revenue. So that’s where I help them identify precisely where additional time, revenue and scale exists in their business and work forward.
We begin with Margins, then People, Systems, Marketing and finally Scale to achieve their 3 - 5 year goal in 12 - 18 months.
I love the outcomes this provides and 2 - 14 x Return on Investment

Who inspires you the most to be the best you can be as a person?
I have an enormous passion for seeing the joy small shifts in a persons life has both on their business and in their home. Being a business advisor or architect is one thing, actually seeing real results, wow, that’s another… It is simple to talk about revenue or scale opportunities, however if this is to the detriment of the home relationship or the business because the team are not engaged, then the results are empty.
Actually working with an owner with complete sincerity and being able to move their business forward dramatically, now that is a whole different ball game and one I know well.

Can you tell us a little bit about your business, and the areas you specialise in?
@flicktheswitchconsulting specialises literally in helping an owner to see that money is made and lost in 3 key areas: Promotion, People and Profit (Margins). Basically “Earn More, Work Less, Scale”
What we know is that:

  • if there’s not enough work, it is a Promotional issue
  • if there’s not enough money, it is a Margin issue and
  • if there’s not enough Time, it is a People issue

I achieve this by working through 5 categories:

  1. margins
  2. people
  3. installing systems
  4. marketing
  5. scale

In 15 minutes for no cost, I show actual hidden revenue in the existing business based on current performance and precisely which areas need working on to draw this revenue out.
In 45 minutes for no cost, I show precisely where additional revenue exists in Promotion, People and Profits and the potential Value this offers to bring a business forward to the Ideal Business Model/ Goal inside 1 year.  
In 1 year we typically achieve close to the 3 - 5 year Ideal Business Goal. No kidding…
I am committed to you and your business. Question is always, are you committed you and your goals ?
If you are ready to discover how, call and let’s organise a time for a chat to reflect, review and recalibrate your business so it works for you rather than you work for it….

Can you tell me about one of your client success stories?
I love client success stories !! As mentioned the return on investment has been anything between 2 - 14 x ROI.
My greatest success story was a tradesperson who yielded an additional $96.5k per month for the $2.5k it cost them to have me achieve this goal.
They initially were hesitant of course, and we call this the Cost of Inaction: knowing how much additional revenue is in the business and choosing not to achieve it. Sounds strange I know…why would an owner not want additional revenue, additional time and the opportunity to scale with hand-held support for a maximum return…It happens!
My least successful was a marketer who had returns of $6.5k per month for the $2.5k it cost her. Still phenomenal returns and I was jumping for joy as this meant the World to her.
I love what I do !!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Motive Coworking?
I love the flexibility of time. I have a favourite desk of course and a favourite carpark, however it is the social opportunities, learning about other people and their businesses, hearing and sharing their and my home and personal life up’s and down’s (we all have them) and simply being a community that supports one another knowing that we’re not alone and there are people within Motive who can actually help us get to where we want to. We only have to know who they are and ask…

What does life look like outside your business profile? What do you like doing for fun?
Outside business, I have a partner in Melbourne stuck in lockdown with her children. I have 2 boys myself (age 10, 9 yrs) and spend most of my time passionately talking about travel destinations, interior design, dreaming of skiing in Tahoe or getting excited about people’s businesses - haha
I am an eternal optimist and see opportunities everywhere. Life is to be enjoyed, not feared or stagnate and submitted to. It is hard particularly now and yet, these are the times when finding someone who can lift your spirit or ideas or practices makes all the difference !!
I like to be that person

Is there anything you would like to share? Or anything you’d like to offer help with?
Thank you for asking. I honestly would love to give back, to serve those business’ who love what they do, love their family, partner, community and really want to level up so they have more time and more money available to pursue their passions. I would love to get in touch and be introduced to those people. I believe Life’s Purpose is to Serve, and seeing the results of this drives me forward.
This community is in a perfect position to help here and I am most grateful. Thank you.

Bonus Question: If you were a sandwich, what sort of sandwich would you be and why?
Love sandwiches !! Love travel….so I would most likely be a New Yorker or Reuben Sandwich Austrian style :)
Salami, sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, pickles, quark, sunflower bread, semi-toasted

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