Karen Williamson | Ozland Photos

Karen Williamson | Ozland Photos

What's your 30-second elevator speech?

I am Karen, a Landscape Photographer who loves to travel around Australia. The rustic beauty and diversity have left an imprint on me, from the modern cities to its cultural outback which has provided me with wonderfully rich material for my work. I turn my images into greeting cards, enlarge prints, bookmarks, and journals.

Who inspires you the most to be the best you can be as a person?

The Networking group that I joined last year, ACL Business Networking it's a friendly group of members that gives me ideas. Also, my art teacher Rachel Carrol who teaches me new ways of painting on my photos.

Can you tell us a little bit about your business, and the areas you specialise in?

I have started selling my photography at markets around Sydney about 10 years ago and in Port Macquarie. I have my stock in Port Macquarie shops and my new journals in a Sydney store called EcoTopia in Warriewood. The area that I specialise in is landscape photography taking beautiful sunrise and sunset images. I have taken a lot of the moon and around the Northern Beaches..  I'm going to be on Etsy soon!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Motive Coworking?

My favourite thing about being in Motive is I can focus on my business and get a lot done! Meeting awesome new people and networking every week with the Friday BBQ!

What does life look like outside your business profile? What do you like doing for fun?

I love to go swimming and walking on the beach and relaxing reading books James Patterson is my favourite author.

Is there anything you would like to share? Or anything you’d like to offer help with?

The whole lockdown in the Northern Beaches has taught me to slow down and think things out I am not a multi -tasker I only do 1 thing at a time.  

Bonus Question: If you were a sandwich, what sort of sandwich would you be and why?

I would be chicken and salad sandwich its full of a different variety of tastes.

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