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What's your 30-second elevator speech?

Hi, you're riding the elevator with Joe from Joe's roofing, Sydney’s leading roof repair and maintenance specialist.

We offer a guarantee on all our leak repairs. If the water returns, so do we - for free. We want to solve your roofing issues! And cover all bases from basic gutter cleaning and tile replacement right up to installing a new roof on your home! Reliable, honest, and the best value, go with Joe's Roofing to avoid paying twice for fixed issues! We are in a hurry to help.

Who inspires you the most to be the best you can be as a person?

Who I was yesterday pushes me forward. Who I could be tomorrow pulls me forward. Future me and old me inspire me most.

When did you set-up your roofing business? What was your motivation in starting up your own company?

I started business at 21 - 5 years ago. I realised I could achieve more in managing my work and time. That means more to me than the security of working for someone else.

There are many roofing businesses in the North Sydney / Northern Beaches area; what's "Joe's Roofing" point of difference? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

As far as I know, we are the only roofing business that provides a guarantee of leak repairs. That means that we will not undertake the job unless we are 100% sure the issue will be solved. This is a risky strategy as most of the time, we're working with old and weathered materials, tiles, framing, etc. or areas that have been touched by other repairers, even design flaws from the original construction of the roof!

We are 100% honest with our client’s roof assessments and provide evidence to back all quotes and work undertaken. We take great pride in this.

I see that you have a passion for 4wd driving and camping. What is the unique place you have ventured off-road? & why did you choose the colour RED for your ute?

Best place I’ve been 4wding: is top North Queensland. I have meant to go back there for six years now.

Next time, I’ll touch Cape York. That’s the plan.

The truck's color was chosen by the wife of the farmer I bought it off in Tamworth. She also had the custom plates made. They both loved that urs but have to choose between keeping the truck or selling it for the price of another acre (15k. I know, right?!)

On a recent job, you came across Monty the diamond python hiding in the roof. What types of things do you find hidden in the roof?

Lots of animal skeletons. I know nothing cool like hidden contraband or anything but generally small critters who have been there for quite a while. Alive ones too! Had my fair share of attempts trying to catch possums. Not a good idea! As far as I know, Monty is perfectly happy living out his days in his new colorbond roof.

What is life like for you outside your working life? What do you do for fun or fitness?

Just in case the roofing doesn't keep me fit, I box 5-days a week. Always after work. Keeps you exhausted and out of trouble. As for fun, I have recently found a love for go-karting. I have always was obsessed with motorsport, and this is the cheapest level to get involved.

If you have a question about your roof, or just want to have a chat. Give Joe a buzz on 0432 616 008.

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