Jo Nipperess | NB and Beyond

Northern Beaches and Beyond Networking

1. What's your 30 second elevator pitch

I am often  asked what I mean when I tell people I am a Connector for small business owners, managers, and their employees. I appreciate and get great satisfaction from showing business owners the value of using their existing clients and contacts to grow. It is estimated that it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current customer. The probability of a sale or service request from a brand-new customer is only 5-20% whereas the probability of a sale or service request from an existing customer is between 60-70%.I also enjoy introducing business owners to each other helping them to collaborate in making their new business connections successful.TO KNOW, TO LIKE AND TO TRUST are among the most important words in life and business.

2. Who inspires you the most to be the best you can be as a person?

My Husband Keith

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your business, and the areas you specialise in?

Northern Beaches & Beyond Networking is inclusive, time-effective group designed for existing small businesses, start-ups and hobbyists who want to turn their interest into a business to enhance their business acumen through casual morning coffees offering interesting discussion topics and breakfasts that can include a guest speaker on diverse topics including tax-effective business structures, imposter syndrome, business marketing fundamentals and workplace relations, including health and safety services. Something to enjoy and learn from, and always good conversations.

4. What’s your favourite thing about working at Motive Coworking?

I love the strong sense of belonging and the ease with which you can plug right into the community. Anyone who has experience running their business from a coffee shop knows there is always this underlying pressure to buy something every few hours and its lonely. At Motive Coworking you can just be yourself and get things done.” No pressure because in the end it is still all up to you.  You feel like people have your back. It's a collaborative, comfortable and flexible space to run Northern Beaches & Beyond Networking from.

5. What does life look like outside your business profile? What do you like doing for fun?

My business allows for lots of time away from the desk meeting new people. I also love catching up with family and friends, reading thought provoking articles and books and I love watching and getting lost in romantic movies (with chocolate/red wine and/or good coffee of course)

6. Is there anything you would like to share? Or anything you’d like to offer help with?

I'm always looking for an avenue to help small business grow and prosper. I love nothing more than to sit with you, enjoying a coffee and chat about your business to see where what you offer and where you are headed and how our group can give a helping hand with introductions and referrals. Contact me, I would love to know about your business and where it is headed and how Northern Beaches & Beyond can assist.

Bonus Question: If you were a sandwich, what sort of sandwich would you be and why?

Avocado, chicken, cheese and beetroot. A surprising taste sensation - each one is different because different sandwich makers use different quantities of the same ingredients. I am always surprised by the depth of flavours- It's like life, often something deep, interesting and surprising in a situation.

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