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Jo Nipperess, ACL Business Network

What's your 30-second elevator speech? Every situation is different when it comes to being a facilitator of a Business Networking Group; therefore, I don’t have a well-practiced elevator speech.
Each address is related to the type of group I presented too.

Who inspires you the most to be the best you can be as a person? My husband, Keith.

How long has ACL Business Network Australia been running, and what was your motivation behind setting it up and how to keep motivated to bring new ideas to the table? Three years and the motivation was: The need in the community for small business owners and those with a hobby (that they are thinking of turning into a business) to have a simple conversation about their working life with people who understood the business and not just the sales processes, but all aspects including the anxiety of making ends meet or the elation of a great business moment or idea.  A huge number of business people either have no one at home to tell about their highs and lows during their workday or no one at home who really understands their feelings about their business.

What was your biggest hurdle during COVID-19? Not being able to meet face to face. Body language is so important during meetings and conversations. People were easily distracted during Zoom calls because they were usually at home and feeling like they could be a less business like which sadly comes through during the calls.

In business, there is always one person you go to for advice or mentoring? Who is this person to you? For me there is never just one person. Opinions and ideas are formed because many different people come into your life over the years. Input from people of all walks of life and all age groups, young and older, is so valuable in developing your own personality, opinions, strengths, and ideals.

What does life look like outside of your business profile? What do you like doing for fun? I enjoy many different things, the usual like reading, walks, sitting on the beach and day dreaming, some gardening. I love being with family and friends and also being by myself.  I enjoy good health, have a wonderful supportive Husband and family, beautiful friends and so many wonderful acquaintances who all fill my life with love and joy and I am continually grateful to them all.

Did you know; if you join Jo for her monthly ACL Morning Coffee Connection where local business owners and managers meet to discuss a topic relevant to the business at Motive Coworking.  If you attend the coffee connection, you can work from the Motive space that Friday and experience the coworking space with a day pass plus the bonus to enjoy the weekly networking (BBQ) lunch.  If you would like to learn more about ACL Morning Coffee Connection, please reach out to Jo Nipperess on or call 0435 425 720.

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