Why Motive for your office on the beaches?

We make it easy for you to partner with us.

We are excited to announce the reopening of our space In Warriewood on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Here are a few reasons why companies are partnering with us when setting up their employees or themselves in an office space closer to their homes.

1. Flexibility and Ease
- We have a range of access arrangements, which range from a fixed Monthly membership to a per-use basis, which means we send one invoice at the end of the month to you or your employer detailing the number of times you or your company has used the office.

2. Our Equipment
- Unlike other spaces, each and every member can be equipped with a Sit-Stand desk, ergonomic chair, and a Large 27-inch Monitor with every adapter available for your laptop. In our current circumstances we are doubling down on cleaning and disinfecting the equipment before and after each use.

3. Free Meeting Rooms
- Renting a meeting room in our Coworking space is not an added expense, we have a dedicated page on our website which allows you to allocate meeting rooms for your teams/clients, or those important phone calls or Zoom meetings. We understand the importance of collaborating remotely to your team and reaching your clients. We don't want an added expense to prevent the opportunity for collaboration and connection, that is why our meeting rooms are included in the cost of a membership at our Coworking space.

4. Community
- We understand as I'm sure you do the value of a collaborative and supportive culture, our role as a facilitator is to cultivate a great working environment and we understand the value, idea-sharing and collaboration can have on your company, which is why we ensure it is seamless for your team to connect privately and remotely with each other at all times, whilst also seeing the benefits of collaborating and learning from other members at Motive.

We have reconfigured the layout of the space to abide by Covid guidelines, and are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the space.

Get in touch with us, for more information on how you or your team can become a part of the Motive Coworking community on the Northern Beaches!

Your first two days are free.

Jack Mooney

0421 705 408