Why are companies choosing to rent their Work from Home setups and Equipment for their employees, rather than purchasing them?

4 reasons why companies are choosing to rent their Setups from Motive.

1. Flexibility

- You can rent a whole set up or just one item, for as long and as little as you like. We also offer a buy out option for businesses that wish to purchase the setup, they can be purchased during or instead of renting the equipment, with current uncertain times around the world due to COVID-19 it is comforting for you to know that, if our current circumstances look to continue longer than expected, you have the option to buy out the Setups at any point.

2. Productivity

- The home office can be an unproductive environment. Even using a second screen has been proven to increase productivity by 20-30% let alone a complete Ergonomic Setup. If you increase productivity even just 10%, our setups should already have paid for themselves within a week, and every week after that.

3. Mitigating Workplace Risk

-The need to reduce the risk of poor workstation setup injury is a concern for many companies. We have included free setup, delivery, and pickup of our ergonomic workstations to alleviate the risk of injury, and we thoroughly clean and disinfect your equipment to minimise the risk of virus or infection.

4. Tax Benefits

- Choosing a Rental Structure model will act as an on-going expense which is tax-deductible, to reduce the taxable income of your business this financial year. So instead of having to account for (X) amount of home setups at the end of the financial year, you now have (X) amount of rental expense to write off.

Click here for more information, or pass this on to your HR or WFH Coordinator.

Feel free to reach out to me directly and i'll give you a run down on how we roll this out, and i'll send you our Corporate Terms and Equipment Agreements on request for large orders for you to review.

Jack Mooney

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