How Would You Like To Grow Your Email List 10X Faster?

Growing your mailing list 10x faster!

Content upgrades are one of the biggest breakthroughs that you NEED to be doing to result in huge subscriber increases.

What is a Content Upgrade?

A content upgrade is a lead magnet (or opt-in bribe) created specifically for a particular blog post or page. Here are 10 suggestions for you to inject into your business:

1. PDF Blog Post

Without a doubt, this is the easiest upgrade to offer. All you have to do is save your final draft as a PDF and provide it as an upgrade.

It really is as simple as that. Because if your content is truly valuable, your readers will want to go back to it time and time again.

2. Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is another super simple content upgrade to offer. Used in the right context, it can also be a seriously effective one. It puts together all the most important information related to a post in one handy package.

Say your post was about increasing blog traffic; you could create a one-page sheet full of blog title templates to boost SEO and grab reader attention.

3. Checklist

Checklists are ideal for “how-to” or longer (5,000+ words) posts that can be cut down into easier chunks.

This could be a step-by-step printable list, a set of materials needed for a project, or even some top tips taken from a large guide.

If your post is teaching your audience how to build a blog on WordPress, your checklist could be a series of steps that they can print out and refer to whenever necessary.

4. List of Resources

If your post has a heavy focus on tools and resources, creating a master list linking directly to each of them means that readers don’t have to search out each tool on their own.

Maybe your post is a directory of the best sites for free stock photos. Your PDF download resource list could take your reader to each individual site.

5. Video or Audio Recording

If you host webinars, informative videos or interviews, it’s useful to offer a recording as a bonus.

Another idea could be recording a blog post as an audio file. People digest information in different ways. Providing a recording of you talking through the content with additional bits of information could be seriously appealing to those that learn better through audio.

6. Quick Start Guide

When you’re teaching something complicated, it’s worth simplifying it. People just want to get started quickly and easily when trying something new.

So if your post is teaching your readers how to create, promote and boost SEO for an online shop, why not take the initial steps of setting the store up and lay them out in a way that is easier to understand? Help them get over that first barrier so that they can actually get going!

7. Report

If you are an expert in a subject and have carried out extensive research into it, your content upgrade could be a report that’ll educate readers.

Maybe your area of expertise is social media marketing. Your report could show genuine facts and stats about its influence on businesses and brand awareness. Providing these types of reports will also help cement your position as an industry leader.

8. Challenge

A challenge could be a mini-project for the reader to take on. It could be a little reminder or an ongoing task for them to invest time into. The brilliant thing about this upgrade is it also offers the opportunity for community engagement: you could create a hashtag for them to share their progress on Twitter.

If your blog post encourages readers to write, the challenge could be to write a certain amount of words every week, with the Twitter chat encouraging people to discuss what they have written about that week.

9. Exclusive Interviews

Interview someone who is an expert in your niche and provide the recording as an upgrade. Better yet, provide it in video format.

The topic of the interview should tie in with your blog post in some way so that everyone who reads it will want to download the interview upgrade.

10. Case Study

Finding out other people’s success stories is always appealing. So why not write a case study on an influential person in your field, telling your readers how they go to where they are now?

You could even share your own success story!

We recommend you choose ONE today and get started scaling your list!