Adapting to the Hybrid work model

Corporate Business and the hybrid work model.

Working From home due to COVID-19 started as a novelty for employees, but now in the stalk reality, working from home is the new normality.

It’s taken a pandemic to change the traditional office space from its dominant position in the work environment. Corporate Businesses across Australia are now busy experimenting with new ways to operate that deliver the benefits of in-person collaboration with remote work flexibility.

A recent survey of 1000 Australian employees undertaken by RedBack Connect, found 86% of staff want to continue working from home, at least for part of the week, into the foreseeable future.

Due to health and safety concerns, Companies need to cap the number of staff in its office space to 50% of capacity. Teams need to be rotated in and out of physical spaces throughout the week.

Corporate businesses have no choice to now have to embrace the new hybrid work model as the “office environment” has changed forever.

What is a hybrid work model? A hybrid model is where staff work at home on scheduled days mixed with individual teams being cycled in and out of office spaces or different office space such as a local coworking space to the employees home.

Motive Coworking is situated on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, offering Corporate Businesses this alternative. A COVID-19 safe coworking community space is available to staff on a 2-day free trial to a team that may be feeling isolated, lonely, or disconnected from other people – socially and professionally!

The Motive Coworking space offers your Northern Beaches located staff a creative, collaborative,
safe work environment 5-minutes from their homes. Call us on (02) 9159 0658 to discuss further.