10 Benefits of a Coworking Space

Remote work and flexible working are becoming more common as technology progresses, and here's why.

Coworking spaces offer plenty of advantages for self starters, including networking opportunities, daily structure and increased productivity (and dogs, we can’t forget the dogs!). Remote work and flexible working are becoming more common as technology progresses, with the rise of coworking spaces in cities and urban areas not slowing down any time soon. Looking for reasons why you should give it a go? Here are our top 10 benefits of working from a shared space.  

Provides networking opportunities

One of the greatest advantages of working in a shared space is the ability to network with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. This mostly comes from working alongside new people every day. If you are working in a home office, you could potentially be robbing yourself of the opportunity of making connections to push you forward.  

Increased productivity
When working from home, it’s easy to get distracted. There’s always something going on that needs our attention and it can be hard to focus. By separating home-life and work-life you can solidify a “work mode” to increase productivity. Typically, coworking spaces are designed to help you be as productive as possible.  

Boosted creativity 

Surrounding yourself with other individuals, you are exposing yourself to outside perspectives. Coworking spaces can boost creativity and help you think outside of the box. Switching spaces and heading to a new office will help you get out of your “slump” and refresh your mind. 

Collaboration opportunities 

This goes hand-in-hand with networking. Coworking spaces open the door to opportunities, you never know where a conversation with someone could lead. Working in close proximity to other people allows collaborations to occur. 

Coworking spaces are cost efficient
If you are renting an office space, there are a bunch of extra costs that you may have to deal with - especially if your employees are looking for extra perks. Majority of coworking spaces come equipped with perks like coffee and snacks at a monthly rate. It’s important to consider what your needs are before choosing a space. Cost-efficiency could be a crucial benefit to small businesses. 

Reduce loneliness 

The alternative to coworking space is working from home, and this can be isolating after a while. Coworking spaces surround you with a network of professionals. This can reduce the feelings of loneliness associated with working from home. Surrounding yourself around people can be a great mood booster.

Step outside of your comfort zone

If you’re used to working in your own home environment, the ever-changing environment that coworking spaces offer can be challenging, at first. But by breaking out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and working in different settings, you are required to be innovative and creative - similar to those working in a growing startup. 

Provides daily structure

We can all admit that working from home time seems to pass in one big blur. With very little structure and no commute to separate home and work, it can be hard to separate the two. The result of this means you could be working way past the time you should have clocked off, checking emails from bed or finishing up a few small things. Coworking spaces provide structure, a place to arrive every morning and leave once you’re done. Whenever you choose to start work, you will find the structure helps dramatically improve your work life.

Offers flexibility 

If for some reason coworking just isn’t working out for you, many spaces offer flexible agreements. This makes it an ideal service to try out and see how you like it. If you have a great experience, you’re set. If not, there’s no harm in cancelling your membership and finding something else that works for you.

A professional environment for meetings

Everyone knows that first impressions count, and this extends to ensuring your work environment looks as professional as possible. However, this can become challenging if you are taking calls at home and there’s kids needing attention. One of the biggest coworking benefits is having access to professional meeting rooms for you to meet clients, host video calls and land the contract.

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