Kay Godfrey | First Class Accounts

1. What's your 30-second elevator speech?
As a First Class Accounts professional bookkeeper located in Mona Vale and servicing surrounding areas, I take pride in delivering a range of bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses. My services are ideal for businesses that do not have the time or background to maintain accurate and timely accounts. I understand the importance of streamlined compliant bookkeeping and also understand the challenges and hurdles that small business owners face. I say “give me your books and I will give you back your life.”

2. When did you start up First Class Accounts Mona Vale and what was your objective in going it out on your own? I see that your background was in pharma, I’d love to hear your journey.
First Class Accounts Mona Vale is part of the First Class Accounts Franchise. I used to work in the Corporate world -as so many of us did or have done- but wanted more flexibility. I worked as a Finance Manager for various different companies both in Australia and in Germany (where I spent almost 20 years, although I am originally from the UK). I have always enjoyed work and it is much more rewarding now that I can decide who I want to work for, when I want to work and who I want to work with.

3. In business, there is always one person you go to for advice or mentoring? Who is this person to you?
There is more than one person/persons that I turn to. My business coach Crystal Petzer, from The Alternative Board, has coached me almost from the beginning and I value her experience and expertise. Also, the Team at First Class Accounts Head Office are always on hand as well as all of the other franchisees who provide support and assistance.

4. In a recent business post, you commented that “bigger businesses have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to invest and in some cases grow. But as the knock-on effects of the pandemic begin to hit, managing costs by seeking operational efficiency will be of increasing importance”. Do you have a particular Client that you feel is managing the pandemic better than others and why? What is their point of difference?
Many of my clients are doing quite well in spite of everything that is going on. The first thing to know when managing your costs is what your costs are- which is why everyone needs a good bookkeeper. Your books have to be up to date before you can begin to understand what changes to make to your business. Cash flow is also key and therefore you need to be on top of what you owe and who owes you.

5. I see that in September 2019, you competed in a Body Building competition, How do you keep so fit and healthy whilst running your business? What keeps you focused to maintain the routine.
The post was from September 2019 but the competitions were a few years ago. The reason I got into Body Building was because of Jen Henderschott and Nicole Wilkins-who have both won the Olympia (more than once). They are both very inspirational ladies and have been to Australia several times doing workshops. As you know bodybuilding involves dedication. I love the challenge.

What does life looking outside your business profile? What do you like doing for fun?
Outside of business I love to exercise (weights mainly). I have my own gym in the house.. I love traveling in our caravan with my husband Mark. I have 3 cats-Sugar, TimTam and Marmalade.

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